May 15

Top 10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy as seen by researchers, proves to have physical and emotional benefits with a tremendous increase in health. Evolution of massage therapy from time to time has been known to get rid of many health complications. It is indeed more than just a mere relaxing time. Read on to find out some of the health benefits of massage therapy:

Here are the health benefits of massage therapy:

* Massage relaxes the body

massage tends to bring a feeling of relaxation. This is done by reducing your blood pressure, slowing down your heart rate and lowering your cortisol and insulin levels. It can also help control breathing, since some of anxiety and stress signs are constricted in breathing. This is done by reliving the respiratory system and teaching the body to relax, boosting the mental performance. Let’s say it’s like finishing a race, the kind of relaxation to die for.

* Massage helps reduce physical pain

Millions of people around the world tend to suffer from chronic headaches and migraines due to lack of proper sleep. Massage helps increase the time people spend in deep sleep. It is a type of restorative stage in which your body hardly moves. It has been noted that, less sleep leads to more pain and more pain leads to difficulty in sleeping and the cycle continues. Therefore relax, reset and repeat.

* Helps reduce stress

Stress brings about release of the hormone cortisol in the body. It is noted that for your cortisol level to reduce you need to be subjected to little or no stress at all, boosting your ability to fight off pain. Massage helps reduce stress, which reduces the production of cortisol, increasing serotonin, an anti-pain mechanism of the body.

* Massage helps boost immune system

In the process of studying most chronic diseases around the world, it was noted that, when cortisol levels are high, natural killers are down. Natural killers being the most important factors of the immune system, have to be increased. How? A good massage can help achieve that by increasing the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity. Also by lowering the depression and hostility level of a sick patient, and increasing their levels of serotonin you help increase natural killers, which in turn help boost immunity within the body.


* Helps improve rehabilitation after injury

Rehabilitation can be very stressful especially if it is really painful. Massage kills pain and accelerates the rate at which you are likely to recover, by relaxing your body and making you stay positive and well-motivated.

* Helps improve flexibility of joints

Risks of having joints complications increases as you continue to age. This is because of the tightening of the joints. It makes the range of motion more restricted and keeps increasing by the minute. Massage helps wholly by keeping your joints more fluid, increasing their flexibility and lowering their risk of injury or muscle cramps.

* Massage relaxes muscles

Staying in the office the whole day, behind your desk, getting rid of paper work, is indeed tiresome. It is even more discomforting if you tend to have a back, neck and muscle pain. Chances are your body needs a walk every once in a while to stretch, or a really nice massage that gets to the root of all the problem, relaxes the tense muscles and gets rid of the persistent pain.

* Massage helps improve blood circulation

Arteriosclerosis is caused by the clogging of the blood arteries. This can bring about heart problems which can either lower or increase blood pressure. For that to be prevented, a proper blood flow through the congested areas needs to be maintained. Massage helps to move blood through congested areas resulting in an improved body function.

* Helps lowers your anxiety levels

Research has proved that as much as massage therapy can bring a lot of health benefits so can giving out a massage. You can feel your anxiety lowering, your cortisol levels decreasing as well as revving your norepinephrine and epinephrine neurotransmitters. So giving a massage can also have the same benefits as receiving one.

If you have never been massaged before, you are missing something. It is not only relaxing but rejuvenating as well making your energy levels higher. Try one today and chances are that you may want more.