Is it Possible to Win Craps Consistently

Want to venture into online craps without being frustrated? Here are some tricks to get you started

Playing your favourite craps game on a site such as , you want to know if you can make it big at the game. Every smart player will work on increasing their chances of winning big cash. This said it is possible to maximize your winnings when playing crap. This game offers the lowest house advantages when gaming, especially when the odds bets are involved.


How does It Work?

When taking the lowest odds, which is a 1x, into consideration, this lowers the house edge bringing it to 0.85% with a pass line wager. It translates to you winning more of the craps games consistently compared to any of the other casino games. Players need to understand this aspect when playing for cash to avoid getting into trouble of losing cash.

With online casinos and mobile casinos offering live craps with each passing day, players with the best strategies get to win. The fact that players can now see real results streaming live from the relevant gaming studio makes many people interested in the game. It does not matter where in the world the game takes place. RNG is not needed to produce results since real dices are rolled.

Starting Out as a New Craps Player

Players need to equip themselves with skills that keep them an upper hand. This means that they should always work on beating the casino as much as possible. While it is impossible to always win against the dealer in a casino, sometimes a few tricks, when properly utilized, can make a player walk away with the cash. Just know what to use and when to apply it, as discussed below.

Mastering things such as dice control is crucial. Players should always watch out for shooters who fail to shake the dice before rolling the dice and note those who role in a similar manner every time. Those who master these skills are able to be in control of the game compared to those random throwers. When you notice such shooters, stick and play at their table.

Playing Like an Expert

You should also consider tricks like hit and run. This is where players work on understanding advanced wagers. It is especially crucial if you are targeting to win quickly and big, where you need to consider betting longer odds. As you do all this, prepare your mind for losses that may happen quickly. Once you are sure that you have made your kill, consider cutting and running.

Don’t get greedy just because you seem to be winning continuously. Even after such a positive streak, the moment you notice that you are losing, you need to gather the courage to walk away. It is not always that you will make a killing without failing. Discipline yourself to accept losses quickly to minimize making massive losses that may water down your wins.

Knowing When to Keep Going

Understand when you work best. Take the chance to bet more whenever you are in the mood, and things seem to be working better. In the same manner, avoid betting when things seem to be a little low on your side. In case your heart is not in the game, you should listen to it and keep off the game unless it is impossible to do so.

To win easily, always have your eyes on the player with the highest chips. While this may be an obvious thing, most people hardly do it because they never stop to think about it. Consider imitating strategies used by players who seem to be making it big. The only smart move is to bet smaller amounts than the high rollers with experience.

Assess the Situation Always

It is a wise thing to always look at all possibilities before you can invest your hard-earned cash in the game. Consider assessing the craps table before betting. Know what the players at the table are up to and observe the current shooter carefully. It is for your good as it allows you time to prepare your move in a smart manner, guaranteeing positive results.

Playing craps can be easy if you make the right decisions and apply simple tricks that give you an upper hand. Players will not always make it because casino games are not meant to favour flayers but the casino. However, with a few tips properly used, players can increase their chances of winning significantly. Make the most of everything that comes your way.

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